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Research shows that the quality of the interaction between health workers and caregivers is a key factor in ensuring completion of the vaccination schedule. Frontline workers (FLWs) are among the most influential sources of information in vaccine behavior. Health care providers, community health workers, and community-based volunteers are all part of the frontline workforce and are a crucial bridge between the communities they serve and the health services they provide and support. With this role and position, practicing good interpersonal communication (IPC) is a key to improving immunization coverage.

This website is part of a global package of tools and resources designed to support FLWs in their immunization work, with a focus on improving their capacity to effectively use IPC to address barriers to immunization uptake and completion. This website presents the collection of IPC/I tools and materials, including the core package initially developed as well as adaptations of the core package components that have been developed by other regions and countries. Any of the materials and resources on this website can be used and adapted as needed, and IPC/I programs and practitioners are encouraged to share their adaptations and experiences using the tools.