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Additional Resources

CDC Global Immunization webpage

This webpage is the hub for the Global Immunization Division of  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

WHO Vaccination and Trust Library

This webpage contains a variety of resources that support building and maintaining trust in vaccination.

How to ensure a context-specific response to events that may erode trust

This document, produced by WHO, presents an algorithm for analysing vaccine safety events and other events that have the potential to erode confidence in vaccines and health authorities.

New vaccine introduction : Checklist for planning communication and advocacy

This document proposes a simple step-wise process for planning communication and advocacy for a new vaccine introduction.

How to respond to concerns about vaccination

Responding effectively to vaccine safety concerns includes acknowledging the listener’s concerns and providing honest information about the benefits and risks of immunization.

Vaccine Safety Messages (frequency of AEFIs)

This document presents key messages concerning vaccine safety and adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and includes supporting facts for each message.

Myths and facts about immunization

Developed by the WHO, this document provides suggested answers to some prevalent myths concerning immunization.

Safety of Injection Factsheet

WHO developed a factsheet in 2017 that presents data indicating the safety of injection.

Immunization Coverage Factsheet

WHO's Immunization Factsheet, updated annually, summarizes key data and information about immunization coverage around the world.

WHO Vaccine Safety Communication eLibrary

VSC eLibrary is an open-source library of tools and resources for vaccine safety communication. The aim of the library is to facilitate collection and sharing of tools and resources for the vaccine safety communicators.