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The importance of immunizations to prevent diseases, and new vaccine introduction

Audio Job Aid 1 features a conversation between a frontline worker, Maya, and her supervisor, Simon. Simon is helping Maya prepare to talk with caregivers about a new vaccine that is being introduced and help them understand the importance of immunization.

Key messages in AJA 1:

  • While vaccination protects most children, vaccine-preventable diseases still exist.
  • Once parents stop vaccinating their children, or they delay vaccination, we have seen time after time that the diseases come back.
  • If not immunized – or if immunized only once or twice with vaccines that need to be given three times – your child’s body is not fully protected from these diseases.
  • Parents who fully vaccinate their children and vaccinate them on time help protect their children and all the other children around them.
  • From time to time new vaccines are introduced to protect from additional diseases. We are fortunate that we are able to protect our children with the help of these new vaccines. Parents may have questions about the new vaccines. Take the time to explain to parents the importance and safety of each new vaccine.
1. The importance of immunizations to prevent diseases and new vaccine introduction