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Following and completing the immunization schedule (including even when the child is sick)

This Audio Job Aid features a conversation between a FLW named Salman, and Rachid, who is the father of Bilal. Rachid was not aware of the importance of his son receiving all of the immunizations in the immunization schedule, so Salman explains to Rachid how doing so will help Bilal grow up healthy and strong.

Key messages in AJA 3:

  • The immunization schedule has been designed so that each vaccine is given at the age that provides the best protection for children – the age when the protection transferred by the mother in the womb is no longer effective and when each particular vaccine will be most effective.
  • To give your child the most protection, your child needs all doses of all vaccines as close as possible to the recommended schedule. If your child does not receive the full number of doses he or she is not fully protected and could come down with one of various serious diseases.
  • Even if children are feeling unwell, it is important to bring them on time for their vaccines. Immunizing a child who is not very seriously ill is safe and recommended. Children with a cold, ear ache, mild fever, or diarrhea, for example, can be safely immunized.
  • If you miss a scheduled immunization, bring your child to the next immunization session to catch up. If you miss a scheduled immunization, your child will not need to start the series over again.
3. Sticking to the immunization schedule (including even when the child is sick)