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The safety of multiple vaccines at once

In this Audio Job Aid, we hear a frontline worker, Emmanuel, as he makes a visit to a couple, Lola and Idris, who are new parents. They have heard about vaccines but are concerned that giving so many vaccines will hurt their baby more than it helps, so Emmanuel explains the safety of combination vaccines to the couple and also how the immunization schedule was developed to provide maximum protection to infants and young children.

Key Messages in AJA 4:

  • It can seem like a lot, but thank goodness our children can be protected from so many illnesses! Just think about how many germs your child’s body encounters and fights off every day.
  • Vaccine schedules are designed to provide maximum benefit from the vaccines. Young children are more vulnerable to many diseases than adults and older children. The closer children can be immunized to the recommended ages, the better.
  • Many vaccines are recommended early in life to protect young children from dangerous infectious diseases. Children should be given these vaccines as quickly as possible to give them protection during the vulnerable early months of their lives.
  • Because it takes time to bring the baby in (and other life obligations can make visiting the clinic difficult), giving several vaccines at once is not only safe but also ensures more children get all the vaccines they need. This means they are better protected against the diseases vaccines prevent.
  • We have immunized many, many children at this facility and not seen any problem from giving several vaccines during the same visit. In addition, before vaccines are introduced together, doctors test them to be sure they are safe when given together.
4. The safety of multiple vaccines at once