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Addressing barriers to vaccination - cost, time, and spousal refusal

Audio Job Aid 5 features a conversation between a mother, Grace, and a frontline worker, Sarah. Grace has brought her son to the clinic because she thinks he has an ear infection and while Sarah is checking Grace in, she notes that Grace's children have not received their vaccinations. Sarah does her best to address some of the barriers that have been keeping Grace from bringing her children for their vaccinations.

Key Messages for AJA 5:

  • If your husband is resistant, you might start by telling your husband that the baby depends on both of you for his/her security, growth, and development. If he is still concerned, I can come talk to him or he can visit the clinic to learn more about vaccines and their safety.
  • If you are concerned about the cost you might incur to get your child immunized, remember that immunization can save the family money by preventing diseases that would need to be treated—sometimes with expensive medicines or many more visits to the clinic or hospital. The baby can end up having serious complications of the preventable diseases.
  • It may seem like a long time to travel to get to the clinic and also to wait for your child to be vaccinated, but if your child were to fall ill from one of the diseases that vaccines can prevent, you would have to spend much more time and resources getting care for him or her.
5. Barriers to vaccines - cost, time, spousal refusal