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Audio Job Aids

FLW counseling a caregiver who is holding a child and another caregiver is listening in

The IPC/I Audio Job Aids are short audio tracks that use a dialogue format to share key messages related to some of the most common, difficult questions that FLWs may encounter during their visits with caregivers. While the Frequently Asked Questions guide will serve as a comprehensive resource containing all key messages related to common questions, the Audio Job Aids will offer FLWs another channel for accessing the key messages. A FLW may listen to the whole series of Audio Job Aids at one time for a more comprehensive refresher, or each of the Audio Job Aids can be listened to individually, perhaps as an on-the-go reminder, possibly when the FLW is en route to a caregiver visit or health center talk.

The IPC/I Audio Job Aids are intended to be delivered via an interactive voice response (IVR) platform, to be easily accessible even by FLWs who only have a basic phone. However, there are many other distribution channels that can also be used to share the Audio Job Aids, including the IPC/I mobile app, messaging services and direct transfer to a mobile device.

The eight Audio Job Aids address the following topics: