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The Interpersonal Communication for Immunization (IPC/I) Package is the result of collaboration and hard work of many institutions and individuals, whose help, guidance and support, has made it possible. UNICEF extends gratitude to partners, colleagues and the global advisory group who contributed their time, expertise and experience to the preparation of this package. Special thanks to Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs for helping to develop the package, to the UNICEF regional and country colleagues, and the frontline workers from various parts of the world for their support, valuable feedback and collaboration in developing the package.
UNICEF wishes to recognize the contributions of all those who supported the development of this important initiative.
Global IPC Advisory Group Members

  • Molly Abbruzzese, BMGF
  • Hardeep Sandhu CDC
  • Susan Mackay, GAVI
  • Lisa Menning, WHO
  • Jhilmil Bahl, WHO
  • Mike Favin, The Manoff Group
  • Lora Shimp, John Snow Inc.
  • Bill Glass, CCP
  • Saad Omer, Emory University
  • Dr. Stephen Hodgins, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Nathan Pienkowski, Bull City Learning
  • Dr. Naveen Thacker, IPA
  • Benjamin Hickler, UNICEF
  • Ketan Chitnis, UNICEF
  • Tommi Laulajainen, UNICEF
  • Claudia Vivas, UNICEF

JHU Project Team
Sanjanthi Velu, Jvani Cabiness, Caitlin Loehr, Amrita Gill Bailey, Ron Hess, Guy Chalk, Michael Craven, Julia Bickham, and Bill Glass. Others who contributed include Rupali Limaye, Anne Ballard, Mark Beisser, Missy Eusebio, Elizabeth Tully, Ruchita Pillai, Carol Underwood, Norma Chavez, Ruwaida Salem, Mohamad Sy-ar, Claudia Ilbert, Nicole Jurmo, Sloane Prince, and Carol Hooks.

Acknowledging and thanks to the CCP field offices and sister organizations in Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda, Ethiopia, India and CHIP Pakistan for their support during the formative research and pretesting stages of the package.
Attiya Qazi, Chikondi Khangamwa, Anisur Rehman, Rufus Eshuchi, Kennedy Ongwae, Ayesha Durrani, Robb Butler, Violeta Cojocaru, Jonathan David Shadid, Johary Randimbivololona, Natalie Fol, Deepa Risal Pokharel, Helena Ballester Mario Mosquera, Svetlana Stefanet, Sergiu Tomsa, Daniel Ngemera, Fazal Ather, Vincent Petit, Carolina Ramirez, Alona Volinsky, Hannah Sarah Dini, Benjamin Schreiber, Rafael Obregon, Diane Summer, Robin Nandy, Luwei Pearson and Stefan Peterson.
Suleman Malik, Communication for Development Specialist, UNICEF Headquarters, New York, USA. UNICEF Team Lead

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