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Supportive Supervision Manual

Supportive Supervision Manual cover image

The Supportive Supervision of IPC/I Manual for Supervisors of Frontline Workers in Immunization (Supportive Supervision Manual) is designed to help supervisors support FLWs to improve IPC in immunization services. It takes into account common supervision practices, obstacles to supervision, and IPC/I-specific needs and information. Because not all supervisors are familiar with or feel competent to practice supportive supervision, the manual includes supportive supervision information and advice that translates across immunization program components and across health services.


This manual is intended for self-study by sub-national supervisors of FLWs who interact with caregivers and communities regarding immunization. Regional, district, and facility-based supervisors should all benefit from its content. While many references are made to supervision visits, on-site supervisors should implement the same supportive supervision strategies.


Chapter 2: Supportively Supervising IPC/I and other content can be integrated, as appropriate, into EPI or integrated health supportive supervision training.