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Engaging Communities and Community Leaders in Dialogue

Plot summary:

A frontline worker (FLW) is transferred to a new area. He is eager to start working but is informed by the other FLWs that there is an influential elder in the community who has been telling people to not take their children for immunization. Knowing that it may be difficult to get through to the elder, the FLWs reach out to a few other community leaders to find out about the attitudes in the community. One of the other leaders offers to introduce the FLWs to the elder so that they can find out first-hand what the issue is.

During the meeting with the elder, he is at first suspicious of the motives of the FLWs. The elder says that while he has not told people not to vaccinate their children, he was opposed to some of the vaccinations and is concerned about the number of required vaccines. He is, however, willing to hear what the FLWs have to say. As the new FLW addresses the elder's concerns, the elder expresses his appreciation for the fact that vaccines will help his grandchildren be better protected than he was when he was growing up. The elder also expresses his gratitude that the FLWs came to talk to him. The elder offers to work with the FLWs and other community leaders to organize a community dialogue to clear up the rumors about his opposition to vaccination and to promote vaccination.

3 - Engaging communities & community leaders in dialogue – 7 minutes 27 seconds