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Reaching Dropouts, the Unreached, and Socially Distanced Groups

Plot summary:

When a supervisor and two frontline workers (FLWs) are reviewing the immunization record of the children who have come to their clinic, they find that a group of children have not been brought back for subsequent vaccines. The supervisor and the FLWs discuss the possible reasons why these parents may have dropped out. One FLW says that he knows some of these parents live in remote areas and transport is an issue. In addition, these parents also belong to an ethnically minority group that often feels isolated. The other FLW says she knows some others on the list and feels that their reasons for dropping out might be because of other concerns.

The supervisor tells a story about a time when he faced a similar challenge so he went to the community where there had been an issue with children not getting their vaccinations. The caregivers were migrants and there was an issue of misunderstanding. He was able to answer the caregivers' concerns and conduct a mapping activity to find out where the unvaccinated children lived.

The FLWs feel inspired by this story to do the same thing in their community and the supervisor gives them tips on approaching marginalized communities and also on conducting community mapping.

4 - Dropouts, the Unreached & Socially Distanced Groups – 7 minutes 08 seconds